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CCS are Silver Partners with altoHiway, one of the fastest-growing business-only Service Providers in the UK. Together we are able to offer a "taylor-made" solution for your business network connection to the internet. 


With continued investment, Altohiway are the ISP of choice for many clients.

Together with Altohiway's mail screening system, "mailcontroller" CCS are proud to offer this "premier" product range. 




Better business..

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.
The second is that automation applied to an inefficient
operation will magnify the inefficiency.

....Bill Gates




Since 1985 our aim is to provide the very best advice possible. 


IT Support Services

No matter how big your network CCS can provide direct to desktop support for your users. Server monitoring and management, email system and much much more all at a reasonable price. How much does your current IT support company do for you? Do you really know if your backups are working?


Here at CCS we provide an honest and upfront service, we will always keep you informed of what is happening with your network, provide you with full audit data so you know how much IT your company really has and what is old and what is new. An informed customer is a happy customer.


Internet Consultancy Services

Whatever you need on the Internet, CCS can provide you with the most knowledgeable, cost-effective solution to match your requirements. The most eye-catching web designs, the most effective visual communications, and the widest range of facilities for your web site. We can also train your staff in the skills necessary to maintain a web site, or to make the best use of the Internet for your research or marketing efforts.

Beyond simple, static web sites, CCS can advise you on implementing web-based database and e-commerce solutions to help you expand your business onto the Internet.


Where others will over-complicate your web site and end up turning visitors away, CCS works with you to attract the maximum number of relevant visits. Our clean, no-nonsense designs, result in fast web sites that are easy to navigate and attractive to look at. We make only sparing use of graphics, and advanced technologies like Java and ActiveX, because these can slow your web site down and cause incompatibilities with your visitor's web browsers. 


The Benefits of Broadband

Business demand has created a requirement for a high-speed connection with no hidden costs with the benefits of significantly better speed and quality. ADSL gives you the ability to get on-line at speeds of up to 2Mbps- nearly 37 times faster than the average modem connection.  It's 24/7 with a permanent connection to the Internet there are no metered charges, so you can use the Internet when you want, for as long as you want with no additional cost.

The SDSL Advantage

SDSL is the latest iteration of the xDSL family line in which the technology utilises an existing copper circuit and offers a symmetrical or equal upstream and downstream of bandwidth.

Unlike ADSL this symmetric capability makes SDSL more suitable for certain types of applications such as VPN's, email, voice and Web Hosting. Unlike ADSL, SDSL is better suited to applications where there is a more equal flow of data.


Internal / external e-mail

Internal e-mail allows everyone on the internal local area network, to communicate effectively and immediately. Communicate within seconds from any workstation on your network to any computer in the world with an Internet e-mail address. 



MailController is a fully managed service from altoHiway providing customers with complete protection from viruses, malicious content and spam hidden inside Internet email.

Because MailController is a managed service there is no hardware or software expenditure, you simply subscribe to the service. The on-line customer management portal gives you the ability to set-up, manage and control your mail in terms of configurable spam thresholds, white list, black lists and delivery reports.



ISDN / Leased lines/ DSL

Connecting the entire network to the Internet allows everyone to browse and communicate immediately. An ISDN router will automatically connect and disconnect when no one uses the Internet. A permanent leased line is needed when a web-server is connected or the usage of the Internet exceeds the phone costs of using an ISDN solution or a higher speed is required. The DSL option is now becoming more available and will lead the way in the next generation of connectivity possibilities. We are able to deliver bespoke connectivity solutions to both Corporate and SME customers.

Corporate Websites

Advertising your company on the Internet is affordable, easy and a necessity. We can design, install and maintain your site with little time spend.   Click here for More about web design & E-commerce


Web Browsing

Finding information on the Internet is an invaluable tool and which can give your company the edge in this new and competitive age. 


Mail servers

A permanent mail-server will allow internal and external e-mail using standard Internet e-mail software. It will ensure stability and automatically connect to the Internet.


Web Servers

Dynamic websites require software to run continuously and databases need to updated. This require separate servers, connected either at your site or at ours. 


Electronic commerce

Secure credit card transfers are available today and is the way to sell products directly to consumers. It requires a secure server that encrypts the transactions over the open network. 









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